Advanced Translation Technology Laboratory

While conducting research and development of multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary machine translation, the Advanced Translation Technology Laboratory will also concurrently collect large volumes of bilingual data to build highly accurate machine translation systems for use in multiple languages and multiple fields. In particular, to cope with the sharp rise in the number of overseas tourists coming to Japan, the Laboratory will conduct research and development aimed at the implementation in society of practical speech translation systems for areas such as travel, healthcare, and disaster preparation, in the ten languages mentioned above, that can be used in general daily life.
In terms of research and development for the world post-2020, the Laboratory will aim to establish the basic technologies for simultaneous interpreting systems, such as the incrementalization of translation processing. Also, to minimize the dependence on bilingual data that is hindering the universal adoption of machine translation systems, the Laboratory will pursue the research and development of technologies for making use of data in other languages in the same discipline that are not bilingual, and of technologies for reciprocal conversion of synonymous expressions.